About Us

Message from
our Founder

The men and women of 7Cs group are some of the most talented, ambitious, forward thinking, and genuinely caring individuals I’ve ever met, both in business and in life.

I have seen many ways of doing Jewellery distribution and retailing across globe in the last 50 years of my service in this industry. Only thing which is permanent in the world is “Change”. In today’s technological advancement, my team has come out with new way of doing business.

The new platform created is going to showcase the talented and innovative product development skills of the manufacturers across the globe and give unique and wide variety of choices to the customers. This will benefit both customers and vendor partners. I am happy that my team is fulfilling my dream of making people to “Grow on us”.


Mr. Harshad Metha
Mr. Harshad Mehta

7Cs Culture

    Customer Service
  • Good customer service is all about ensuring repeat customers. At 7Cs, we follow a ‘customer first’ approach and strive to create long-term value for customers.
  • We are fiercely loyal to our clients and are committed to creating value for them through a combination of service excellence and timely delivery.
  • We believe that consistency implies corporate integrity to our customers and internal harmony within the organisation.
  • At 7Cs, we nurture a culture where individuals work together to achieve a common goal.
    Corporate Social Responsibilities
  • The 7Cs Group is a community-minded company with an increased public consciousness about the role of business in cultivating and maintaining ethical practices in society and in the natural environment.
  • Credibility stems from a proven track record of delivering superior quality services in a timely manner.
  • Innovation, besides being a means to creating economic value, also creates an emotional value. That is why we foster an environment that encourages independent thinking.


To become a desirable destiny for gold Jewellery business


  • To show case products of global manufacturers
  • To provide one stop shop solution for global retailers and distributors
  • To leverage technology.

Our Heritage

Our Founder Mr. Harshad Metha has over 50 years of global experience in the diamond and Jewellery industry. An Ex-Chairman of the Dubai Diamond Exchange, Mr. Mehta has been consistently voted amongst the top 20 powerful Indians in the gulf region. He is well known for his humanitarian efforts and his support for non-profit organizations.

Mr. Mehta started his polished diamond trading business in Dubai in the year 2003. The organization grew rapidly and expanded its business into rough diamond, Diamond Jewellery, Gold mounting and Plain gold Jewellery trading. The organization is also having two Jewellery retail businesses with brands – Hueb and Jewel corner

The group also ventured into real estate and construction businesses in the name of Aspen and Green Bridge. We currently employ more than 1800 employees.



Jewel Corner specialises in offering exquisite diamond and gold jewellery at an affordable cost. Having 30 shop-in-ashop locations throughout the GCC.


7Cs Diamond and Jewellery having award winning designers produce design innovations across both traditional Diamond jewellery pieces and contemporary fusion concepts, catering to varied customer requirements.


Hueb is an international brand with a unique approach to high-end jewellery.

Message from
our Chairman

First, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for your continued support and understanding. Since 2009, 7Cs group has encountered a multitude of challenges. Thanks to the tireless efforts of all concerned, today we can take pride in the strengths of our management practices and culture.

I am convinced that we are now in a position to take a definitive step forward toward sustainable growth including for our customers and vendor partners.

Sensing the benefit that the digital platform can bring in to the business, my team has come out with unique solution to all our customers and vendor partners. This will definitely bring down the cost of operation, enhance performance of supply chain and increase satisfaction of end consumers.

I am happy to be a pioneer in doing B2B gold Jewellery business on the digital platform.

Mr. Harshad Metha
Mr. Rihen Mehta

Quality & Commitment

We strive for excellence by providing customized solutions, products and services that best satisfies the requirements of our customers

We create access to global market for our vendor partners.

Integrated Supply chain

We have exclusive factories and strong vendor base capable of creating innovative and trendy designs, manufacturing with state of the art technology and world class quality.

We connect all of them under one umbrella through technology to provide solutions to our customers across globe.

"Customer First" approach

With a deep understanding on the importance of providing world class customer experience, we ensure “Customer-first” approach in all our activities.

We continuously upgrade our web portal in line with the new technological development and customer feedback to provide the right solutions for their businesses.