Discover the Brazilian Essence: Hueb Tribal Collection

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The Tribal collection by Hueb is a mélange of artisanal designs created in the backdrop of 18K gold and shimmer of diamonds. The raw, yet bold designs break all the classic rules of jewelry and the end result is an array of intricate designs capturing the beauty of the lush Amazon rainforest that dots the Brazilian landscape.
We invite you to explore our Tribal Collection that features a mélange of bold and evocative designs. Each piece is a work of art that showcases resplendent diamonds set in 18K gold.

Diamond ring set in 18K yellow gold

A cluster of diamonds in the center showcases a magnificent display of art. Engulfed with a leaf-like design, the ring is all about the natural flora found in the lush Amazon rainforest. This 18K yellow gold ring is a statement piece that can be worn for any occasion that you want.

Cuff with a cluster of diamonds in 18K yellow gold

Clustered diamonds in the center of this cuff represents everything that is grace and elegance. A luxurious piece of art that adorns the wrist of the wearer. An impressive piece that mixes shimmering diamonds with 18K yellow old makes up this stellar piece from the Tribal collection.

Earrings paired in 18K yellow gold and diamonds in the center

Celebrate our daring designs that allow you to stand out and be different. These elegant earrings are all about sun-kissed diamonds in a symmetrical pattern set in 18K yellow gold. These earrings rest gracefully on the ear. Make these your favorite go-to pair for every day or set them aside for special occasions.

Diamond and 18K yellow gold clasped the necklace

Designed for the free-spirited woman. Set in 18K yellow gold, the pristine diamond in this clasped necklace adds a bit of élan and elegance that is unmissable. Settling just above the collarbone, the necklace can be the perfect pair with blazers or plunging necklines.

The Tribal collection is what you need when you want to pick a piece of art that is close to your soul. It resonates with the woman who dares to live and dares to be different. Make a part of the Brazilian Alma a keepsake for you. We are excited to invite you to visit our online jewelry store so you can explore the unknown of a collection that surpasses the bounds.