Hueb: Jewelry that Inspires

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It’s not a secret that a woman loves her jewelry! She’ll go that extra mile to search for the fine jewelry that she wants to own, and when she does, she guards it fiercely. Interestingly the journey of Hueb started with the quest of creating wearable art that women wanted to own. Hueb’s story began when Fadua Hueb set out to make the sort of jewelry that her friends wanted, but couldn’t find. What she created was a collection of gemstones with golden accents inspired by the color, energy, and natural beauty of Brazil; a heritage she belonged to. Unlike conventional jewelry that was readily available, Fadua Hueb ensured that each piece was designed to compliment a woman’s personal style, rather than define it.

Taking inspiration from the vast heritage and the richness that Brazil has to offer, Hueb started creating pieces of beautiful art that pay tribute to the iconic woman.

Hueb: Designed for and inspired by the iconic woman

The Hueb Woman is guided by her innate sense of style, cultural savvy, and self-assured nature. Independent and confident, she has a unique outlook on life. Her style is timeless yet modern, classically beautiful, yet eclectic and multifaceted. The Hueb Woman is anything but ostentatious, yet she never goes unnoticed. The Hueb woman is inspired to be bold, brazen, free-spirited, sensual, and brilliant.

Hueb jewelry is and will always be:

  • Designed for the woman who dares to live.
  • Created for the woman who believes in herself.
  • Inspired by the boldness that that defines the epitome of a woman.
  • Hand-crafted for women who are bold and unabashed in their ways of life.
  • Crafted for the modern woman, inspired by a uniquely Brazilian sense of joie de vivre.

Hueb jewelry reflects the beauty of Brazil in every piece and the designs reflect the moods of the modern woman who chooses to believe in herself and loves to design life, her way.

Hueb: All that inspires us

Not just Brazil; a country that is home to a glorious heritage, but inspirations come also from the Hueb woman who knows how to define herself.  From the sunny beaches of Bahia to elegant cocktail parties that define intrinsic and fine jewels. From the vibrant Rio festivities to the lunch date with the girlfriends that define casual and everyday wear jewelry. From the rich and lush Amazonian rain forests to the cocktail party that reflects elegant hand-crafted pieces of jewelry.

The jewelry at Hueb was inspired to pay a tribute to these beautiful heritages. From the secret gardens and labyrinths to the beaches and constellations. From the fireworks that light up the night skyline to lazy sea waves that drub the shoreline.  Inspiration comes from everywhere.

Fine Jewelry at Hueb is enthused by the creativity, elegance, and confidence of the Hueb woman; just as we are inspired by the rich heritage of Brazil. Each of our hand-crafted jewelry pieces attempts to capture these inherent facets of Brazil in it. Fluid designs in 18K gold etched with diamonds and vibrant gemstones, hand-made by our artisans is what makes jewelry by Hueb so special. To own one is to own a part of Brazil. Come, explore a world of jewelry for the iconic woman in you.