One of the world’s most precious natural materials,
the Pearl is an iconic gemstone. An expression of
art and elegance, this Luminus ring set with a pearl
at it’s heart is a handcrafted masterpiece, fit for the
confidence and grace of the Hueb woman.

One of the most versatile gemstones, this month Hueb celebrates the sweet simplicity of the Pearl, dressing it up with diamonds and setting it in exclusive designs fit for the effortless elegance of the Hueb woman. Stack them up and create somet hingnew everytime you style with Hueb Pearls.

Using the finest diamonds and  gemstones, Huebs artisans design and execute jewelry that is synonymous with excellence and redefine luxury. Our bold and expressive designs featuring pearls combine a melange of styles resulting in jewelry that is playful, imaginative and truly original