Power Accessorizing is the New Power Dressing

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Work sometimes seems constant and the time we need to complete everything on our ‘To-Do List’! With business taking up most of our life, we believe that one of the ways to put your best foot forward is to believe in power dressing! And that changes your personality!

At Hueb, we understand that the women who wear our pieces lead very busy lives. Hueb creates fine jewelry that is not only unique, but makes a powerful statement, demands attention, and is significant to the woman that wear us.

When our self-esteem might not be at an all-time caliber high; it’s nice to realize that we are important and the attention we give ourselves is just as necessary as any business deal. Read below our tips on how you can take advantage of your stance as a powerful woman in the way you wear jewelry, and how it not only impacts your inner-self but those around you!

#1: Choose one accessory

We love layering our jewels, but in a business environment, we sometimes want to choose to not be too distracting with our choice of accents. One major classic piece can be just the thing to be memorable and dynamic in that board meeting! You’ve got this!

#2: Big and bold

Bold is always better….(in our opinion). From lush gold metals to rare and unique precious stones; grasping a powerful feel in your accessories can set you apart from the rest of the suit-wearing posse. We guarantee the compliments will expand beyond your killer presentation skills!

#3: Pearls and Diamonds

The details of this jewelry duo add glitz and glam to any ensemble! The versatility that happens with this perfect combination of gemstones, well, frankly…is unreal. Day to evening; it conveys a strong and feminine allure but is always a continual classic. Ah, an easy go-to!

#4: Don’t be afraid to show your personality

A corporate environment shouldn’t limit us from expressing our personality in our clothes and accessories! If you like color and texture, or layers and statements; don’t be afraid to feature them all at once. Everyone respects a person who takes a risk that was definitely worth taking!

#5: Show your assets beyond statements!

Show your assets and succeed! With power-dressing…the magic is in the details. While we support the bold; we know that sometimes demure and simplistic is the way to go. Practice a simplistic approach by layering the most dainty and delicacy of pieces. You’ll always be on-trend, trust us.

#6: Colors are always welcome

Last but not least: colorful jewels can bring energy and brightness to the neutral, or basic color apparel that we might reach for in our closet. If you choose nude, black, or white tones on the daily, bringing a stronger and brighter hue is more than advisable. Plus, who doesn’t need a little color in their life?
Now that you have a basis for taking jewelry and making it your own in the workplace, how does power accessorizing make you feel?

How do you combine your favorite accessories in the workplace? Let us know in the comments…and shop some of our pieces below for your next being meeting!