Tips to Check the Authenticity of a Diamond

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If you are new to shopping for jewelry, you might have a tough time finding out if the diamond is real or fake. If you are not familiar with the structure or components, you might be misled into believing another stone to be a diamond. There are a few simple ways to test a diamond’s integrity. However, with authentic, designer touch jewelry, you wouldn’t have to worry about the realness of a diamond.

1. Water Test

This is possibly the most straightforward test to check the authenticity of the diamond. Drop the loose stone into a glass filled 3/4th with water. If the stone sinks, it’s real. If it floats underneath or at the surface, it is a fake. Diamonds have a high density and therefore sink in water.

2. Fog Test

Breathe on the diamond by holding it between two fingers. If the fog that forms dispel right away, the diamond is real. If the fog lasts, it is unlikely that the diamond is real. As diamonds actively conduct heat, the fog vanishes quickly.

3. Check Setting and Mount

If the stone is already placed on the ring, check the mount and setting used to set it. Genuine diamonds, due to their high value, will be set in gold, platinum, or other such materials. Authentic designers touch jewelry set on expensive metals. If C.Z. is marked on the ring, the stone is cubic zirconia and not a diamond.

4. Heat Test

Diamonds are famously unresponsive to heat. For this test, get a glass of cold water, a set of pliers, fire-proof gloves and a lighter. Heat the diamond using the lighter for around 40 seconds and drop it immediately into the cold water. True diamond will show no reaction. The heat test will qualify the strength of the stone.

5. Read-Through Effect

This is to test the refractivity of the diamond. Place the stone flat down on the newspaper where there are a lot of words. Ensure proper lighting and no shadows are there on the diamond. If the diamond is real, you shouldn’t be able to clearly see the letters on the paper. The high refraction of light through the diamond makes it impossible to identify the letters clearly through the diamond.

6. Sparkle Test

All you need for this test is your eyes. For this, hold the diamond under an ordinary lamp and check its reflection. If the light is reflected really well and has an exceptional sparkle, then it might be real. Real diamonds also reflect colored light magnificently.

Please remember that these are not expert ways to determine the authenticity of diamonds. Experts have their methods of assessing the reality of precious stones with tools and equipment. It is always advisable to get your jewelry from high end and authentic sources, so you are not duped. To get the best high-end jewelry that NYC has to offer, visit us at our store.